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Thread: Castrol Raceway going to NHRA

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    Default Castrol Raceway going to NHRA

    Just forwarding on what i just heard. SOund like it will be much better for WDRL guys this upcoming season.

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    What is WDRL ?

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    WDRL = Western Drag Racing League.
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    If you can read this, thank a teacher; If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.

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    And the NHRA are doing some little things too like helping racers with cross over for their licences at a discount.
    The NHRA licensing expense is one of the reasons I liked IHRA

    At least if I have to switch, I'll finally be able to go back to Medicine Hat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlkyIROC View Post
    The NHRA licensing expense is one of the reasons I liked IHRA

    At least if I have to switch, I'll finally be able to go back to Medicine Hat.

    That's just it, the non interchangeability between licences is pretty least now in alberta we are dealing with the same licences...
    87 GN.... Just a V6.

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    IHRA was grass roots racer friendly. Have all the required safety stuff for the car and you just need a basic license for the speed you want to run. IHRA makes it easy to run as quick as 8.50. You start running quicker than that and you're not really a grass root racer any more.

    NHRA requires you to buy all kinds of stuff including needing a physical to run 9.99 and quicker. With our dollar at a really crappy exchange rate, the cost of the NHRA license requirements is ever greater. I don't know if they've changed their policy but part of the licensing was having to also pay for National Dragster and Canadians needed to pay even more to have it shipped across the border. It's not like we have a long race season to stretch it all out. roughly 5 good months isn't much of a season.

    Car safety requirements is almost identical so there's no issues there. Although it's expired, my car has an NHRA chassis cert to 8.50.

    Even though I'll still bitch about the NHRA licensing system, if I want to race, I'll have to pay it since there's no more IHRA to use.
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    I know for certain that the NHRA dropped the physical requirements...
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    Still haven't seen anything online to help IHRA membership switch over to NHRA but I was looking at the NHRA membership page. For Canadian membership, you only need to select National Dragster in digital format and pay the same low price as US members of $69/year. They never had that option many years ago when I was in the NHRA so that's a big help. ND always bumped the price way up and charge extra for postage across the border.

    I really hate their website. You go to the Store for the membership but the only thing listed is for average joe to join. Need to find the competition membership page for licensing etc. That doesn't seem to be easy to find on their page but I know it's there somewhere.

    Aha! Found it. Competition information site is under

    Now the way I figure this out, this is just information on obtaining a competition license. NHRA membership is also required and not included in the licensing.

    Look at that. No medical required for ET racers any more but you do need to make licensing runs. Level 6 license is for 7.50-9.99. Level 7 license is for 10.00 and slower. Both are $110 for 1 year or $200 for 2 years. My last IHRA license I think was only $60/year so buying multiple years was still inexpensive. Not Helping Racers Association emptying my pockets again and with our exchange rate so low, it's even worse.

    So technically, for 1 year, it will cost $179 USD for membership and licensing. The value of our dollar really sucks and at todays exchange rate, that will be $242.30 but your credit card may have a slightly worse rate. Might be closer to $250.

    Going for a 2 year membership will lower the annual fee slightly. Membership $128. Licensing $200 for $328 USD for 2 years or roughly $454.74 Canadian dollars on your credit card. So at todays crappy exchange rate, going for 2 years can save you roughly $45-$50.

    Maybe Trump will do something good in the spring and the value of our dollar will spike.
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    Oops. Right at the top of the NHRA licensing page there is a line in red that reads

    All fees listed are inclusive of mandatory license & membership dues.
    I guess that means licensing fees also include the membership fee. That brings the cost down to more reasonable numbers.

    1 year is $110, 2 years is $200. At the crappy exchange rate, that would work out to roughly $152 and $277.
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