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    Going to a meeting tonight which Rob Reeves (owner) from Castrol Raceway will be there. With the sanctioning changing to NHRA, they are going to try to move to the same format that NHRA runs. In the past, very little support was shown to the street class bracket racing which eventually was dropped from the program. It is the best, inexpensive way to start (Bracket) drag racing with minimal rules/ equipment requirements. A good place to start before deciding to step up in classes. I started there in 1992 when the track opened and moved all the way up to Top Dragster. Awesome people and great times. I will post up what is said about the class tomorrow.

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    The new class "Sportsman" will be basically a cross between street legals rules and the General regulations of the NHRA rule book. Things are still being worked out but in a nut shell, if your car passes street legals- you should be good to go. As well, the 2008 and newer rule of roll bars not required till 9.99 will be allowed for competition in the Sportsman class. ET breaks will be 10.00 to 17.00 seconds, .500 full tree, breakout rules apply. The owner and staff realize that this is intended to help bring the "street" racer into a safe competitive race environment with minimal costs. They did comment that if there is no support for the class, it may eventually be omitted from the program (need at least 8 cars per race). I will post more as I hear it

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