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Thread: 2017 NHRA Chassis Certification Edmonton

  1. Default 2017 NHRA Chassis Certification Edmonton

    NHRA Chassis Certification will be April 8, 2017 at Y-Welding
    Call WADE: 780-477-7354 to book.
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    Thanks james,

    Would you or anyone happen to know when the Calgary dates will be?
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    I haven't heard anything on Calgary Adrian. I know Medicine Hat is April 1st.
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    FPS Engines 408 88mm TH400 275 Radial

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    I sent an Email to Dave Schaffel back in mid November. At the time, there were no dates set but he said traditionally it's late March or early April. Unless something has changed, it's usually at Unlimited Performance on a Saturday. Best guess since Edmonton has a date that it will be on April 1 but since Medicine Hat has that date, it will either be March 25 (good possibility) or April 15.

    If a date has been set up, you only need to call Unlimited Performance to book a time. I see nothing posted on The Div 6 web pages yet.

    I'm still wondering about how easy/hard it's going to be to get my IHRA license switched over to NHRA especially since my IHRA license expires in the spring. Will it be a simple application to fill out? Will I need to do a blindfold test? Will I need to do licensing passes? Since I haven't had the car down the track in a few years, I'm expecting all of the above but a simple application form as a license transfer would be nice.
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    Called Dave this morning and he said it would likely be the week after Easter, so April 22. Nothing set in stone yet, but he is going to speak to Andy next week to firm something up.

    That's all i have.

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    I am in for Calgary inspection, please keep the date posted. For original inspection, does the complete cage need to be visible? Wondering how far I can go with reassembling my dash and interior with the new 10 point cage addition.

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    The more of the cage that's visible, the better. They want to inspect all the welds and need to sonic check all the tubes to make sure they're above the minimum thickness. Dave will use a mirror if he has to in order check the backside welds.
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    Anyone have any idea of the costs and time involved. New territory for me. Thanks for any info.
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    Last year, in Regina SK, this message was sent to people wanting their chassis inspected:

    The costs are as follows:

    $150.00 USD for the chassis tag, which based on today's exchange is $200.00 CAD. This fee may change slightly if the dollar exchange changes but it shouldn't be more than $5.00 either way.

    $30.00 USD per car for the inspection fee, which is $40.00 CAD at today's exchange rate.

    Plus each inspection will share in the total travel costs which is basically the cost to travel from Saskatoon to Regina and back to Saskatoon. The total cost will be divided between the number of cars inspected so the more cars the cheaper it will be for each inspection. IF there is a higher number of inspections NHRA may pay some of the travel but I won't know that until that day.
    With regard to time, it depends on how difficult it is to see all the welds, if the car is 8.50 and slower or if it's in a faster class, etc., and of course, the total number of cars to be inspected and your place on the wait list.

    The inspection itself is fairly quick: usually between 30 and 60 minutes. Things go quicker if Dave can easily see every intersection where 2 tubes meet, how the seat and safety belts are attached, etc, so it may help if you have that in mind before you show up.
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    The cost of the inspection is also stretched over the 3 years that the tag is good for. Not as nice and low as it was many years ago but NHRA has to still make more money from the grassroots racers some how. It just sucks that our exchange rate makes it more expensive to enjoy our hobby.
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