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Thread: Subframe metal

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    Default Subframe metal

    Used the search & didn't find the info....

    Trying to find 2"x3" .083 (?) wall.

    I'm north of Edmonton.

    Called the metal store ( supermarket ?) & all they have/had was .125 wall

    Thanks guys

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    It doesn't need to be square/rectangular tubing and 2x2 will work fine also. Round tube will just as easily. Just a little harder to join the ends. You can always make boxes at the ends for the round tube to weld onto.
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    I don't have good pictures of my white car to show what I'm up to.
    Needs to be the 2"x3" to make the frame to the back.
    Tubs etc. Narrowed 9".
    When done 29x18.50x15s will fit with comfort under the car.

    I have a number of places to call on Monday.....

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    Found some local , but it's .100 wall.
    Should be OK, as from what info I've found on line it seems to go from .083 to .120

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    Default Subframe metal

    From memory the metal shell only gets removed when fitting alloy subframe bushes.

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    Default Subframe metal

    Just got my Poly gktech bushes and soild diff bushes in the mail yay

    and was wondering if anyone done there rear subframe with poly bushes? if so does the metal piece surrounding of the bush that is holding in the OEM bush have to come out

    Thanks in advanced.

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