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    Anybody know of a place close to Edmonton that widens steel rims ? I have a set of 8" ralley rims that I was hoping to increase to 10". I see one set available on line, however back space is not what I need. I contacted the company and they do not make any other back space options. Thanks in advance.
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    If you have a set of donor wheels to harvest the centers out of, you may be able to buy shells of the desired width from Gee & Gee Racing (or others) and weld your centers into the new rims with the required offset.
    Gee & Gee should be able to supply shells in a number of widths, the trick will be if the shells have an ID that matches the OD of your centers....


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    Wheel selection sucks when it comes to backspace. ET wheels was the only company I found that will do a custom backspace but they are pricey.

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    Default Rim widening

    Ok, so Im going to get a new rim. However, finding the stainless steel wire rims for the 57 Tbird is very difficult. The "usual suspects" dont have them. So, Im asking if anyone here knows someone who has a 57 Tbird, please see if they have any.


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