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Thread: rear end work

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    Did you get this sorted out?

    If not something I would check is the tach it sounds dumb but by the sounds of it could be set for a 6 cylinder and reading fast. If you are getting for sure the 3 rd shift out of it then yes changing tire height should work rule of thumb 1 inch equals 200 rpm.

    What is your truck? I may have some alternatives for you if you wanted that may be cheaper than getting gears installed.

    I have a problem I see Mustangs and I think "Hello there".

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    Sorry I missed the responses till now. Yes its driving much better with 2 inch bigger diameter tires on the highway. I was driving my 2014 truck the other day and noticed that at 100 km/hr it is about 1600 rpm so I think I'm just spoiled and not used to the mid 80's technology anymore. I did change the speedo gear to match the bigger tires. Now it's about 2600 rpm while cruising at highway speed so it's liveable.

    It's a 63 Beaumont , I don't own the truck in my avatar anymore
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    Are you saying the Buick pumpkin will drop straight in, or will you use the whole rear.

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