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    Anyone have any 3.55 or 3.73 gears for a 8.8 ?

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    AFAIK, 3.73 is standard in Rangers with 4.0L SOHC, pick'n'pull should have some Rangers. But Aerostars & Explorers would be others to look at.

    If the tag is missing off the diff, you can also use the axle code on the sticker to determine what it is (assuming it has not been altered since new)


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    Wife's 07 Rangers had/have 4:88s

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    Default 8 8 Gears

    never swapped gears before so Im not sure

    Im assuming i have stock 700 rmk gearing, so anything that drops me down

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    Default 8 8 Gears

    Ill see if I can remember to dig up my old info but I found some good clutching/jetting/gearing set ups for my old RMK before I started changing engine parts.

    Also make sure you get the right width. You should have 15 wide chain and gears, earlier models at 13 wide.

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