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Thread: FS: 2005 Viper 8.3L V10 complete engine

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    Default Sold: 2005 Viper 8.3L V10 complete engine

    Also posted over at beyond...

    7k USD. Located at Varsity Chrysler. The “viper tech” (yeah, that’s a thing) has put it all back together. See the details below:

    These engines are know as “cream puffs” in the viper community but they are still reliable for ~650whp with a Paxton and ~700whp NA. Search YouTube for A&C Performance for dyno results.

    This engine could be used as a simple swap, the newer 8.4 is a much more complex swap. These engines have gone in 240sx, s2000, and an e46 bmw. Perhaps others.

    I’m not on here much but I will check in ever so often. I do want to sell this engine ASAP so no reasonable offer will be refused.
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