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Thread: Suntek or Xpel?

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    Default Suntek or Xpel?

    Does auto obsessed apply either product? Is the correct application completing a paint correction, installing suntek/xpel then ceramic coating?

    I picked up a Gen 5 viper and it has some terrible 3m on it...3m looks like shit and appears as though it was installed like shit as well.

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    We install XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film for gloss finishes, and XPEL Stealth for satin. As with most things, the process consists of a lot of prep work including removal of old film, decontamination of the full exterior, and paint correction if necessary. This is to ensure that the surface is as close to flawless as possible before installing the new paint protection film.

    For more information or to get a quote, please call our shop at 780-229-0732, and one of the product specialists will gladly assist you.

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