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Thread: Opinions of turbo for 6.0ls:

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    Default Opinions of turbo for 6.0ls:

    Putting together a parts hauler to scre the cops and entire neighbourhood, wanting to know what someof you LS guys ended up using for a turbo for your setup.

    Personally, planning on running internals, L92 heads and truck intake, Basically just an upgraded cam and valvetrain along with head gaskets and studs.

    What i'm wanting to achieve is something that is very responsive on the street. This thing won't ever see the track, just want something i can thrash the $hit out of all day, everyday.

    i have been lurking around and some guys say BW 475, some say BW480, some say 1.32 A/R, some 1.1 A/R. Some say T4, others T6? .83 or ..96 turbine? Lots of options and combos, i probably haven't done enough research yet to get a true answer...Maybe someone local has some first hand knowledge to help narrow things down.

    This is a budget build, something to have fun with, nothing more. God knows i spend enough of my cash on my other car...

    87 GN.... Just a V6.

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    VS Racing 78/75 cast wheel - $400US, $560 for billet wheel

    Canada - just like the U.S. only we pay twice as much or get half as much.

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    Just finished reading this.

    They used two BW S475 each capable of making 1000HP and managed to make 1482 HP out of a 6.0L LQ4 before a stock con rod let go.
    No power adder HP

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    There is an ad on Sakatchewan forum or nitroimage selling LS turbo stuff.
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